29 Kislev 5782 / Friday, December 03, 2021 | Torah Reading: Mikeitz
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  Mikeitz: Dealing with Darkness  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 11/27/2021, 19:54
A little light can banish a lot of darkness. By understanding the essence of darkness and light, we can successfully overcome the darkness in our lives. This is especially true during the days of Chanukah.

  Vayeshev: The Sale of Yosef - At What Price?  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 11/20/2021, 18:53
Understanding the deeper meanings behind the sale of Yosef by his brothers.

  Vayeshev: Measure for Measure  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 11/20/2021, 18:54
Parshat Vayeshev teaches us that a person reaps exactly what he sows; one's good deeds come back to aid him in the future, measure for measure, and the opposite as well…

  Vayeshev: Love for the Child of One's Old Age  
By Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Update date: 11/20/2021, 18:55
Rabbi Maimon compares the youthfulness and excitement of Torah learning regardless of one's age, versus the tiredness and stagnation of the Evil Inclination. Age typically brings wisdom. Yosef the Tzadik was young because he was constantly advancing.

  Vayishlach: Battle Strategies Against Evil  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 11/13/2021, 19:02
In this parasha, we learn battle strategies from our forefather Yaakov: pray, prepare for war, and send presents. "Presents" are mitzvot done for ulterior motives. Eventually, you'll overcome the Yeitzer Hara and do mitzvot with proper motives.

  Vayishlach: Boundaries of Holiness  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 11/13/2021, 19:03
Why does Rashi find it necessary to tell us that our forefather Jacob made an eruv for Shabbat and upheld all the rabbinical ordnances even before the Torah was given?

  Vayishlach: Peace From Hashem's Truth  
By Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Update date: 11/13/2021, 19:03
Truth is subservient to peace. Most arguments occur when we don't recognize that the highest truth is peace! There are different perceptions of truth. Yaakov's way of peace is to go in Hashem's Truth.

  Vayishlach: Emes (Truth) of Yaakov  
By Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Update date: 11/13/2021, 19:04
Yaakov represents the Torah because he spent 14 years learning from Shem and Eiver. A talmid chocham must be prepared to sacrifice himself for Torah study.

  Vayeitzei: Tapping Into Emuna  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 11/6/2021, 20:31
Yaakov had a life of people pursuing him, similar to King David. Yaakov worked on developing emuna, which he instilled into us. How do we tap into the high levels of Yaakov's emuna?

  Vayeitzei: Jacob's Badge of Emuna  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 11/6/2021, 20:32
We always regard our matriarch Rachel as the heroine of this week's Torah portion, for she saved her sister from embarrassment. But look what the Torah says about Jacob…

  Vayeitzei: Shema Yisrael!  
By Rabbi Mordechai Naim
Update date: 11/6/2021, 20:32
Rabbi Mordechai Naim Shlit"a brings insights and explanations about "Kriat Shema". What is the importance of this commandment?

  Chayei Sarah: Completing the Mitzvah  
By Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Update date: 10/23/2021, 20:30
Rabbi Nasan Maimon speaks about the weekly Torah portion, Chayei Sarah. How do we "complete a mitzvah" - often it means with our money. Money demonstrates our emuna.

  Toldot: Lessons in Prayer  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 10/30/2021, 20:05
Prayer is one of the most valuable tools we have in avodat (work of) Hashem. Yitzchak showed us how to pray by praying with his wife Rivka. When we pray for others' or for Hashem's sake, our prayers are answered.

  Toldot: The Joy of Dirty Hands  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 10/30/2021, 20:05
This week's Torah portion gives us elaborate detail about the wells that Yitzchak dug with his own two hands. Our sages ask what purpose that serves…

  Toldot: Good Child, Bad Child?  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 10/30/2021, 20:06
Yitzchak and Rivka prayed for children, and Hashem answered them, giving them Yaakov and Esav. When they were small, no one noticed any difference between them. The differences became noticeable only as they grew.

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