22 Adar 5781 / Saturday, March 06, 2021 | Torah Reading: Ki Tisa
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 Yom Kippur Yom Kippur
  Free as a Bird  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Publish date: 10/2/2014, 00:00
Why are people so afraid of Yom Kippur? The Gemara says that it's the best day of the year, for it's a time when the Jewish soul is as free as a bird...

  The Best Day  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Publish date: 9/12/2013, 13:15
Why do people dread Yom Kippur when the Gemora says that Yom Kippur is the best day of the year for the Jewish people?

  Yom Kippur  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Publish date: 9/12/2013, 12:57
We confess all day long on Yom Kippur, but what can we do to make those confessions sincere? Let's take a look at what we obligate ourselves with...

  World Peace  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 3/9/2015, 17:02
This lesson was given two days before Yom Kippur. It is based in part on lesson number 179 in the first part of Likutey Moharan which teaches how the fast of Yom Kippur can put an end to all the conflicts in the world.

  The Missing Ingredient  
By Rabbi Aharon Dobinsky
Update date: 11/15/2020, 09:02
The recipe for teshuva is: confession, asking forgiveness, committing to a change in behavior and fulfilling that commitment. But like any recipe leaving, out any ingredient is not effective. Particularly, before Yom Kippur, make sure you add...

  Real Teshuva  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 2/23/2015, 18:23
A special lesson for the Ten Days of Repentance, where Rabbi Lazer Brody shows that teshuva is not persecuting yourself, for teshuva and happiness go hand in hand.

  Yom Kipppur: The Holiest Day of the Year  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 12/7/2020, 19:08
The Laws and Customs of the day.

  I Forgive You  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 10/30/2020, 13:07
During Rosh Hashanah, we were on trial. Now we are approaching the peak - Yom Kippur, when Hashem forgives us for everything... is it really true, absolutely everything? The answer is no! So we need to change, now...

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