18 Shvat 5782 / Thursday, January 20, 2022 | Torah Reading: Va'era
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 Pleasure Reading Pleasure Reading
    A Divine Madness
Rabbi Avigdor Miller's defense of Hashem in the matter of the Holocaust
Our Price: USD $ 25.10 List Price: USD $ 38.20 You Save: 34%
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    A Veiled Truth
Problems are no problem for adrenaline junkie Fish Kirschenbaum, mild-mannered wedding manager extraordinaire Ateres Fradl Hall. But when new boss and old nemesis David Silver arrives on the scene, it's Fish's own problems that may prove to be the hall's undoing.
Our Price: USD $ 35.00 List Price: USD $ 36.60 You Save: 4%
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    Acquired Immunity
A young, special-needs girl, the daughter of a beloved pediatrician, is dangerously infected with pertussis by the child of a local philanthropist and his zealout anti-vaxxer wife. The two camps face off...
Our Price: USD $ 25.10 List Price: USD $ 28.60 You Save: 12%
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    All I Ask
All I Ask brings us into the dark refuges near Jerusalem's bus station, the life-changing lectures of a watchmaker who knows the secrets of the human spirit, and the battlefield of the human soul.
Our Price: USD $ 28.60 List Price: USD $ 47.70 You Save: 40%
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    An Angel from Yerushalayim
Reb Chaim Goldberg, the Chicago native who became a chesed legend
Our Price: USD $ 30.20 List Price: USD $ 31.80 You Save: 5%
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    Assassin - Part 2
If you've been waiting breathlessly since reading Part 1 of Assassin, you now hold in your hands the exciting conclusion, with more twists and turns than you would ever have imagined. Don't miss this thrilling two-part set!
Our Price: USD $ 27.00 List Price: USD $ 36.60 You Save: 26%
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    Balanced Teshuvah
Guidance and Inspiration for Baalei Teshuvah
Our Price: USD $ 22.30 List Price: USD $ 31.80 You Save: 30%
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    Baruch HaShem! (Russian)
Poems and stories about the Creator, His help, and the miracles in our lives
Our Price: USD $ 9.30 List Price: USD $ 11.20 You Save: 17%
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