4 Tishrei 5781 / Tuesday, September 22, 2020 | Torah Reading: Ha'azinu
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The Vaccine is in Your Hands    

The Vaccine is in Your Hands

While appropriate physical steps are surely necessary to curb the spread, the only thing that will wipe out Corona is to fix the root cause of why God sent it.


The Vaccine is Ready 

Unlike today’s plague, the plague G-d sent that smote Israel at the plains of Moab killed over 24,000 Jews in a single day.  


It didn’t end by quarantining, lockdown, or a vaccine.  


One man put a stop to it with one act.  


Pinchas, outraged at the desecration of G-d’s Name by the act of a prince of Israel and a princess of Midian, boldly risked being killed by a mob of loyal members of the tribe of Shimon and killed the two criminals.  


That one act ended a plague 100 times worse than the one we face today.  


The world is doing everything to fight this deadly virus on the physical plane – with treatments, social distancing, and lockdowns. It is up to us to double our efforts by eradicating this pandemic at its spiritual core 


Covid-19 didn’t come from China. It came from G-d. G-d unleashed this upon the earth and only G-d can eliminate it. It’s up to every one of us to become our own Pinchas 


Our Duty 

Rabbi Nachman teaches there is no bad in this world. Everything is good, everything comes directly from Hashem, and it is for our benefit.  


Covid-19 is no different.  


G-d wants us to repent. This message is loud and clear.  


The big question is: If I repent, and the world stays the same, will it make a difference? 


Hashem wanted repentance in the time of the Great Flood. Just when the rains were about to eradicate life on earth, the righteous Methuselah died. In his merit, Hashem postponed the decree for seven days to mourn him. He gave the entire world an additional week of life, another chance, in the merit of one man.  


Hashem said to Avraham that if there would have been just 10 righteous people, the city of Sodom would have been spared in their merit. 


Pinchas’ actions ended a plague in the blink of an eye.  


One person’s actions make a difference. A good life matters. Your life matters.  


The Great Cure for the World 


The sin Hashem demanded repentance for in the generation of Noah, Sodom, and Pinchas was the sin of misusing our body for forbidden pleasure.  


Refining our actions to eradicate this sin from our life will do more to wipe out Covid-19 than a billion vaccine shots. In the merit of this repentance, Hashem can bless mankind with a billion vaccine shots.  


This amazing act of holiness requires a coordinated effort from our body, our mind, and our soul. It is an all-out war on social media, television, music, movies, and everything profane in this world that brought us to this point 


It is a statement on how we want this ongoing tragedy to end 


It’s a constant declaration that we want a world with G-d as King.  


It is a constant disregard for rule of law: Established by man, changed by whim, and perverted by bribery. 


It’s submission to the Law of the King: Established by G-d, reinforced by the Sages, and made whole by our deeds.  


We can change the world. We can make the world a better place.  


We can end the suffering of billions of people right now by one change in our lives.  


Hashem loves this. He loves repentance. He loves when His children push themselves to the max to serve Him. The battle inside our own being, the battle of two souls, the Evil Inclination and the Good Inclination is what we are here on earth for.  


Every moment we fight our enemy from within, Hashem blesses us. He rewards us.  


Merely waging this battle with a sincere effort to win every day can tip the balance of the universe from darkness to light.  


You can save the world right now.  


The Keys to Victory 


To win this war, you have to know how to fight.  


Step 0: 

Learn the laws of Shmirat HaBrit (Personal Holiness). Learn the importance of Guarding Your Eyes. Read The Garden of Purity and Rabbi Arush’s articles on guarding your eyes.  


Before you take your first step, educate yourself about the opportunities to living stronger, happier, and closer to Hashem through this life transforming commitment.  


Step 1: 

Clean your home of anything that might tempt the eyes. Magazines, newspapers, posters, videos, and the like.  


Step 2: 

Filter your internet from filth. Be sure to give the password to someone you trust not to give it to you. Even better, get a real filter that you can’t get around, such as Netiv, which is the only filter in America with Rabbinic approval, and one of a very short list in Israel with such approval. (The approval matters because that means that it really works!)  


Filter your phones from filth. Get a simple phone that makes calls, receives them, and sends and receives text.  


Step 3: 

Every day, pray to Hashem for help. Tell Daddy that you cannot fight this on your own and you need His help. When we ask for anything spiritual, He gives with an open Hand.  


In every generation, the merit of one individual can save humanity.  


Today, it could be you that redeems all mankind. 


* * * 

David Ben Horin lives in Israel with his wife and children. 


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