20 Tamuz 5779 / Tuesday, July 23, 2019 | Torah Reading: mattot
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A Unique Purpose    

A Unique Purpose

Often, our uniqueness becomes overshadowed by the expectations and opinions of society. The tendency to compare our own success to others is commonplace…


Transcribed by Devora Shifrin


Sometimes the world around us leads us to believe that success is defined by superficial criteria. Yet the truth is that when we peel back the layers of social trivialities, we will begin to see that our self-worth is rooted far beyond our physical existence, it is rooted in the soul. Our spiritual core is the foundation for all that which makes us inherently great. This aspect of godliness within each of us demands that we recognize our unique mission in this life and the role that our innate strengths and talents play in fulfilling this specific purpose.    


God created each person with a unique assignment and provided them with tailor-made circumstances and abilities to attain their goals. By contemplating and internalizing this powerful concept, we will begin to feel empowered by our inherent goodness. If we truly believe that our life, exactly as it is, was perfectly designed by God to facilitate our personal and spiritual growth, we will begin to worry less about how our lives compare to others, and more on how we can reflect our greatness in our daily lives.


Often, however, our uniqueness becomes overshadowed by the expectations and opinions of society. The tendency to compare our own success to others is commonplace; and the detrimental effects on one’s self-worth is overlooked amid all of the pressure to live according to the standards of someone else’s life. This detrimental habit of comparison can also present itself in the ideals we create for ourselves.


For example, if a person consistently sets aside time for hisbodedut (personal prayer), yet he doesn’t feel that spiritual connection for a few days or weeks, he may begin to criticize the quality of his prayer or even question its worth. Yet, every step we take, every bit of effort that we exert in our spiritual pursuit is an incredible accomplishment. Even if a person isn’t feeling the intensity of his hisbodedut, just the fact that he showed up to connect with God is immensely powerful. Hitting a plateau isn’t failure, it is a springboard for reaching greater heights. By recognizing our own greatness, we can achieve great things and merit immense blessing.


Mark Twain wrote that the two most important days in your life, are the day you’re born and the day you find out why. We can each discover what our purpose is in this world by listening to the voice that we have within. Once the mind becomes quiet, when the voices of society begin to fade away, we can pay attention to the areas in which we gravitate toward, the areas where our unique talents lie, and the clarity that comes from being true to one’s individuality and the gratification that come along with it.


When you truly feel that God has a plan for your life, a life that is completely different than any else’s, your possibilities expand far beyond the limitations that you set for yourself and those set by others. By understanding that you play an important role in this universe, and that no one else can complete your purpose in your stead, you will cultivate the confidence to utilizes your talents, thereby actualizing you potential and overcoming every challenge that comes your way.



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About Gedale Fenster - Gedale Fenster, a Miami-based entrepreneur and motivational speaker, is the founder and CEO of the People’s Insurance Claim Center and Evolutions Treatment Center. He has also established the Breslov Center, where he teaches. He hosts a series of daily and weekly online lectures at http://www.gedalefenster.com/

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